Minnesota's role in nitrate pollution

At stake: the safety of the state’s drinking water and the health of fish and other aquatic life in its rivers and streams. And far downstream, the future of the Gulf of Mexico, where the oxygen-deprived “dead zone” is linked to nitrogen compounds carried to it from the agricultural heartland via the Mississippi River.


Nitrogen pollution widespread in southern Minnesota waters, report finds

Nitrogen contamination in the southern half of Minnesota is so severe that 27 percent of the state’s lakes and rivers could not be used as drinking water, according to a new and unexpectedly blunt assessment of the state’s most prevalent form of water pollution.


John Hoffman: Minnesota Legacy Amendments: Making our investment in clean water pay off

The Clean Water Accountability Act (CWAA) passed earlier this year works to cleanup waterways through more effective monitoring strategies, priority funding for non-point source pollution and clearer benchmarks and timetables. 


Local view: Obama's leadership needed to address global warming

On May 9, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere passed a long-feared milestone. Scientists at Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii reported it reached a concentration of 400 parts per million, something not seen on the Earth for millions of years.


Ikea’s rooftop solar array will be the largest in Minnesota

A solar array that retailer Ikea says will be installed on the roof of its Bloomington store will be the state's largest generator of electricity from the sun.